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Introduction Most common ACs used in Indian buses are HVACs (which stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning). This essentially means that these ACs can both be used for cooling and heating purposes. In rare cases, some operators also opt for ACs with only cooling capabilities as they tend to be slightly cheaper than HVACs. Bus ACs are very similar to room ACs we use in home. Just like rooms ACs, we can set the temperature to our needs and the auto cut-off feature will ensure that the set temperature is maintained throughout. For IntrCity buses, IDEAL AC TEMPERATURE will be 24 °C. KEEPING THE AC SWITCHED ON DURING HALTS For pit stops/bio breaks of ~10 minutes, the AC WILL HAVE TO BE KEPT SWITCHED ON. In case of food halts which are ideally of ~30 minutes, the AC will be SWITCHED OFF after the last passenger deboards. It will…

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