Features of the IntrCity SmartBus in-bus washrooms

Features of the IntrCity SmartBus in-bus washrooms

Today, travelers are looking for comfortable and convenient travel alternatives.

Many people prefer to go on a long-distance journey by train simply because trains have washrooms, not buses.

If airplanes and trains have washrooms, why can’t buses have one too?

With the vision to address the problems of the common man when traveling from one city to another, IntrCity SmartBus pioneered the concept of washrooms in buses and was the first brand to provide washrooms onboard.

Let’s talk about some exclusive features of our in-bus Washrooms!

1. Well-lit toilet cabin for passenger comfort

IntrCity SmartBus provides a well-lit toilet cabin with a mirror, water tank, toilet seat, and sink. This ensures that the passengers don’t have to relieve themselves under the open sky on the roadside or in dimly lit, dirty and dirty make-shift public toilets on the way home, leading to all sorts of uncomfortable and embarrassing situations.

In contrast, the clean, sanitized washrooms onboard IntrCity buses are nothing less than a blessing in disguise for female passengers, senior citizens, and kids.

Another add-on benefit on SmartBus is soap and sanitizer, like in a hotel restroom.

2. Our SmartBus has retro-fitted Washrooms.

To fulfill the needs of our passengers who want a clean and sanitized in-bus washroom, we provide the best quality bus toilet system. The washrooms on IntrCity buses are easy to maintain, leak-proof, and durable. They are fitted with time-tested fittings made from high-grade materials and using advanced technology, adhering to numerous quality control parameters.

3. SmartBus fleets with in-bus washrooms fill faster.

Our seat booking pattern has revealed that seats in buses with onboard washrooms tend to be reserved faster than seats in regular buses without the washroom facility. This is a significant indicator of passengers’ changing preferences towards hygiene and sanitization. More so, this is an indication that travelers today don’t hesitate to spend an extra penny to enjoy a safe, comfortable, and hygienic travel experience.

The onboard washrooms in our buses also eliminate the avoidable delay in reaching the destination because of unscheduled stops on the way for people to relieve themselves.

4. Regular cleaning of in-bus washrooms

When you’re on the road for a longer duration, there is nothing more suitable than having a washroom at your disposal. At a SmartBus, we never compromise on passenger ease and safety. It is a mandatory practice to clean and sanitize the in-bus washrooms before and after the completion of every trip.

It is embedded in our commitment to deliver a comfortable, convenient, and reliable ride experience.

5. Penalties for improper use of the washroom

The cleanliness of washrooms speaks a lot about the overall travel experience. The washroom is the first and last facility our staff visits before boarding or departure. We train our staff to prioritize the cleanliness and maintenance of the washrooms. We have devised strict hygiene and sanitation standard operating procedures and policies that are followed in letter and spirit. Failure to do so invites penalties for careless defaulters.

6. No washroom facilities on hill routes

This is a complicated issue as the government norms only allow seater buses to ply on hilly roads. This means that each time the washroom door opens, the bad odor spreads inside the whole air-conditioned bus. Besides, the passengers seated near the toilet complain of the unpleasant odor. Hence, we haven’t installed an in-bus washroom on these routes.

IntrCity assures that you travel safely, cost-effectively, and arrive at your destination more relaxed and in a better mood.

Plan your trip with IntrCity right now!


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