How IntrCity SmartBus is always on time!


Today, IntrCity has become a synonym for punctuality. We have religiously worked towards developing countless strategies for improving passenger’s journey experience. Our endeavor always is to give our customers what they want – an on-time travel experience!

Time and again, we strive to deliver a highly punctual and reliable bus service to our passengers. Here is how….

1. IntrCity’s obsession with Punctuality
Punctuality is considered to be a virtue. We at IntrCity understand the importance of being on time. Reliability of service has always been an imperative part of our ethos, which we have been following since inception. The brand’s constant endeavor is to provide the highest quality inter-city mobility service to passengers and we recognize this can only be achieved by delivering on-time journeys.

2. The Art of Effective Planning
We are cautious while planning each trip. Our system and procedures are well organized as we continually monitor timelines, traffic, punctual arrivals and overall reliability. We have always planned and built travel solutions to improve commuters’ journey experience. By planning all our trips, has not only improved users’ experience but also changed the mere definition of traveling in a bus into something more dependable and safe on-road travel.

The IntrCity team plans the journey keeping in mind the transit delays, unprecedented turbulence faced, and adequate relaxing breaks for Bus drivers.

3. Our trust in technology – GPS Navigation
IntrCity’s Live Tracking mobile app feature uses GPS technology to inform the exact location of your bus and its arrival at your stop. The fast & reliable real-time location provider is designed to make riding a bus easier and more accessible to everyone! You only need to type in your given PNR number to access the location of your bus.

This way, the travelers can also share the exact location of the smart bus with their family, who can also keep track of the start/ end time of the trip or the bus route that is being followed. All IntrCity smart buses use this Live Tracking feature to share journey information and details for a smarter experience for all.

4. Our data is our strength
Our data reveals that we have completed 90% of the journeys on time so far!

The travel history of our buses is connected to our 24×7 Command Center. Here we extract the latest data insights/ trends with help of the latest technological tools. This gathered information then shows us the operational performance of every trip. This study of each trip continually improves our service planning and quality. Further, this allows us to understand the customers’ behaviors, preferences and patterns to articulate the right operational strategy.

5. We ensure our passenger also arrives on time!
IntrCity offers travelers an end-to-end travel experience and branded in-bus features for a safe journey. We ensure our SmartBus boarding experience is hassle-free that’s why the boarding time is normally 15 minutes before the scheduled departure. Besides, the Bus Captains also connects with each listed traveler and reminds them of their trip, an hour before their journey starts. Our App also sends regular reminders to the passengers about the travel.

Bus journeys are the most blissful, especially in India where there is diverse scenic beauty across locations. At IntrCity we continue to work on the creation of lovely experiences of traveling on a smart bus along with keeping your family’s safety in mind!

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