Top 10 things to know about Washroom on IntrCity SmartBus –

  1. IntrCity SmartBus was the first in India to acknowledge that access to a washroom toilet was the biggest bane in the adoption of buses. To overcome this, SmartBus has a washroom fitted on the bus itself.
  2. Every washroom has a toilet commode, wash-basin, and soap liquid. The washroom also has an exhaust fan.
  3. Note that the use of the washroom is limited to toilet purposes only.
  4. All washrooms are properly cleaned and sanitized at their starting point. Not all the routes may have mid-way cleaning facilities. After each journey – the washroom is professionally cleaned and left to dry for several hours.
  5. The operation of the washroom is in accordance with the guidelines prescribed by roadway authorities. Two important aspects of these guidelines are (a) not to use it when the bus is stationary and (b) not to use it within the city boundaries
  6. To make sure that the above rules are followed – the washroom door remains locked at times.
  7. Minimal use of water is highly recommended. The bus has limited water carrying capacity (150-200 liters) and on most routes cannot be refilled during the nighttime.
  8. For regulatory and passenger safety reasons – any IntrCity SmartBus traveling in a hilly terrain does not have a washroom on the bus.
  9. Few IntrCity SmartBus on a route may not have a washroom. It is recommended to pre-check on the IntrCity app to check which specific bus has a washroom.
  10. Misuse of the washroom for purposes beyond the toilet is strictly prohibited and subject to fines starting at Rs. 1000.00. Rules associated with the usage are clearly mentioned inside the washroom.

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