All SmartBuses have a WiFi box on them. But it is something we do not want to talk about much. We tried different methods, different data connectivity providers, and different hardware – but none could perform to the levels we are all used to experience at home or office. Here are the reasons for the same –

Please note that WiFi on any mass-transit vehicle like IntrCity SmartBus has some inherent constraints such as below –

  1. Not us, slowness is because of them! – Considering that it is on a moving bus – WiFi relies on the data connectivity provided by mobile operators (e.g. Airtel, Vodafone, etc.) prevalent on your journey route. Every IntrCity route passes through the route sections where we have seen that the connectivity is poor/not available. Also, do keep in mind that the WiFi is not designed for a moving vehicle.
  2. It is a shared WiFi – WiFi on this IntrCity bus is an open WiFi and is being shared with your fellow passengers. The available data speed is dependent on the number of passengers connected to the WiFi at any given time.
  3. Shared WiFi does not scale for streaming applications – Even though our WiFi is equipped with the latest and the best 4G data connectivity plans, as is the case for any public WiFi applications which use streaming video (e.g. YouTube, OTT, etc.) may not work with the best experience. We encourage all our passengers to avoid using such applications while accessing the IntrCity WiFi

Wherever possible,  it is better to be dependent more on the personal smartphone cellular data connectivity for fast internet access in a moving vehicle. They are better designed for handling the hops between the data towers in the moving vehicle.



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