How IntrCity’s Operating Ecosystem helps bus operators grow their business

How IntrCity’s Operating Ecosystem helps bus operators grow their business

IntrCity has adopted the technology-first approach for engaging operator partners who add their bus to the IntrCity SmartBus fleet. The company recognizes the value of digital transformation in order to compete in today’s digitally enabled business environment. The brand has revolutionized the entire intercity mobility ecosystem in India by digitalizing the traditional Small & Medium-sized Bus operators. By digitalizing India’s conventional Small and Medium-sized Bus operators, the brand has revolutionized the whole intercity mobility sector. The brand has always sought to elevate Bus Operators and their fleets by offering them with access to their IntrCity Operating Ecosystem, which includes a multiple service layers and boarding lounges, allowing them to provide better services and scale their businesses.

Bus companies have traditionally run their operations using paper-based and phone-based systems, which have hampered their ability to expand geographically and beyond a particular size. The IntrCity MoTech platform offers Analytical & Insightful Report that can assist operators in evaluating vehicle performance and determining operational efficiency and effectiveness throughout the serviced route. 

For all IntrCity associated Bus Operators, a first-of-its-kind dashboard has been established, which can be viewed and operated via mobile devices. It is a real-time, multi-dimensional, and comprehensive report that measures service standards in three categories: vehicle performance and maintenance, as well as driver performance. This report serves as a dashboard for the operator, allowing them to enhance performance indicators such as service cost, fuel consumption, fleet utilisation, service output per bus, daily revenues, maintenance expenditure, real-time and historical data comparison and analysis, and more.


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