How smart-tech has helped IntrCity SmartBus build upon its 3 promises – Safety, punctuality and reliability

How smart-tech has helped IntrCity SmartBus build upon its 3 promises – Safety, punctuality and reliability

For many years, bus travel has had a fair share of perceptual bias against it. And These fears were not unwarranted, as services provided by bus operators left much to be desired.

This is where IntrCity SmartBus has bridged the gap – ensuring safe bus travels, with its technologically powered operations. Using data analytics to offer detailed information like live bus status, estimated time of arrival at destination & more; IntrCity has built a centralised system, backed by AI-powered predictive algorithms, that connect long distance buses. This provides a standardized travel experience for bus travels.

Our Smart Buses are designed with cutting-edge technology has helped create, maintain & grow our three core promises: safety, reliability and punctuality.



If you think that safety should be the top priority when thinking about travelling, then we could not agree more with you! Improving safety parameters is a core focus of IntrCity SmartBus.At IntrCity SmartBus, we have built a central command centre to monitor and manage each bus journey. Our command centre is connected with the driver’s interface in the bus, the crew app, the bus booking app for consumers, and all boarding lounges and boarding points.

Our Smart Buses are also equipped with cameras and sensors that help keep track of the passenger count at all times.

And, that’s not all!

All our buses are assigned a captain who offers you in-person assistance throughout the journey. In case of an emergency, the captains directly contact the command centre for quick resolution ensuring that you enjoy an uninterrupted safe and comfortable travel experience.

As a result of these safety measures, the percentage of female travellers who did online bus ticket booking with IntrCity SmartBus rose from 9% in 2019 to 25% in 2021. Isn’t that great! Every bus is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before starting its journey, and the ‘cleaning’ status is uploaded on the bus ticket booking app for you to check. Our in-bus staff members wear protective gear throughout the journey and are thermally scanned before resuming their duties. Travellers are similarly checked and are provided with a hygiene kit with a sanitizer and disinfectant wet wipes.


At IntrCity SmartBus, we want our customers to trust us and our services. We use smart technology to provide you reliable services and boost your trust in us. While online bus ticket booking has largely defined bus schedules and departure locations, in-transit waiting and riding times are still not standardised.

We offer you a live-tracking feature on the ticket booking app where you, your friends, or your family can input the PNR/ticket number to view the live location and status of the vehicle before and during the journey. Simple and efficient! You can also check the designated stops on predetermined routes. With no unauthorised pit stops, you get more efficient journeys.

Our 24X7 command centre uses the data from fleet analytics for real-time tracking and ensures that all buses follow pre-defined routes and take corrective actions wherever needed. So, no unnecessary anxiety or worries for you!


Well, if you are fed up with delays in bus departures, then IntrCity SmartBus is the perfect travel partner for you!

98% of our buses arrive and commence on time. Yes, we are that punctual. We use Internet of Things fleet analytics to monitor the real-time performance of each vehicle and implement a network of ‘connected buses’ for seamless and smooth operations.On-the-go monitoring of each of our bus journeys and detailed information about bus commutes, including the route, journey time, and live status, helps us to optimize bus routes and travel time and thus, provide you on-time services.

With the help of smart technology, we have been able to put in place a whole range of modern amenities for you. IntrCity SmartBus has 51 boarding points, including bus lounges with air conditioning and Wi-Fi, across the country. As a technology-driven bus service with a wide network of 220+ branded buses that connect more than 270 cities across the country, our vision is to provide you a holistic bus travel experience, founded on our three core promises: safety, reliability and punctuality.


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