We live in a time where corporations have no faces. All of the items and services you can imagine are just a click away, while the company you need to interact with is hidden behind the screen. Our lives will continue to be influenced by technology. It will become more prominent as a service delivery channel. However, there are times when technology is not able to meet certain consumer requirements.

At IntrCity SmartBus, we believe in blending intercity road travel with hospitability, and featuring personalized assistance onboard—SmartBus Captains—will help us ensure that passengers experience a comfortable, convenient, and safe travel experience. The SmartBus Captain acts as the first human touchpoint for our passengers during their journey.

SmartBus Captains are responsible for a variety of tasks, including collecting fares, assisting passengers with luggage, advising on destinations, making sure the fleet runs on time and ensuring the safety and comfort of our travelers.

  1. Bus Captains, the concept pioneered by IntrCity SmartBus:

IntrCity SmartBus, as the industry leader, transforms old business practices to their best. One of them is pioneering the “Bus Captain” concept. We realised that we require some in-bus personnel who guarantee that our passengers do not have unheard of and unmet needs during their journey. Once inside the bus, our passengers can contact the bus captain for any of their needs.

  1. Bus captains are chosen after a series of corporate interviews:

When it comes to hiring a bus captain, we follow a thorough interview process. The candidate’s competence to handle passengers while guaranteeing their safety and comfort is assessed during the interview. We also do a thorough background check on candidates who appear to be qualified for the position.

  1. Bus captains undergo extensive training sessions:

Our bus captains attend ten hours of technical and behavioural training every month in order to maintain a high level of discipline and hospitality. We make sure that all of our captains are familiar with the important aspects of bus knowledge, such as basic pre-boarding preparations, all key components of the fuel system and electrical system, all emergency exits, fire extinguisher usage, and bus cleaning.

They also undergo special training in safe+ protocol, customer service, and SOPs and are provided with an app to manage set processes to ensure passenger safety.

  1. Bus captains communicate through the IntrCity Crew app:

On a SmartBus, the bus captain is in charge of the entire journey experience and provides personalized support. All of our captains have the IntrCity Crew App installed on their phones to assist them in performing their duties more efficiently. The app makes certain that they can communicate with our lounge staff, passengers, and the command centre.

It is the sole responsibility of the bus captain to communicate with each listed traveler and remind them of their trip, an hour before their journey starts.

  1. Bus captains conduct a thorough check of the bus:

It is the responsibility of the bus captains to perform a complete check of the SmartBus once, before and at the end of the route. In this manner, we can ensure that our passengers are not inconvenienced during their journey while still ensuring the punctuality of our fleets. All of this is done to guarantee that travellers have a safe journey.

  1. Bus captains receive passenger feedback regularly:

We realize that customer feedback is a crucial guide for innovative product or service adjustments. Therefore, in order to provide a higher level of service quality, we ensure all passenger feedback reaches our bus captains.

The IntrCity Bus Captain on-board will ensure your bus journey is comfortable and relaxing.

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